An Interview with Kelsey Campion of Marrow Creative

Posted on March 15 2018

Who is Kelsey Campion?

I’m a Midwest girl with big dreams.

What is Marrow Creative?

Marrow Creative is a creative studio specializing in design, photography, and styling. I named my studio Marrow because, not unlike its bodily counterpart, it is dynamic, integral, and visceral. I wanted my studio to represent both the dark and light of the human experience and to have room to grow and flourish with evolving inspiration.

Which came first, design or photography?

I first picked up my camera at age 13 so definitely photography, although I remember telling my mom at age 15 that I was either going to be a psychiatrist or a fashion designer. I took the psychology route for the next 10 years until I left the field 3 years ago to pursue more creative ventures.

What stories do you tell with your work?

My work has evolved and is ever-changing. When I first started in photography my work was very dark and moody. Now, my work is much more fun and playful. I like to tell stories of connection. Connection to other humans, to your environment, to memories. I love to evoke feelings with my work. Although my work may be much more bright nowadays, I am inspired by the darkness as well and want to explore that more this year.

How does New Orleans influence your work?

New Orleans and its inhabitants are my muse. The creativity that pulses through this city is tangible. I definitely love that I can be as loud and daring in my work and it never quite reaches maximum saturation. Whether it be taking a grocery cart in the middle of the street for a photoshoot or designing statement pieces, there never is a too “over the top” moment. There is always more adventure and risk to take and that makes being a designer and photographer both exciting and scary.

Who inspires your personal style?

I have so many with such drastically different styles. I absolutely LOVE and admire Iris Apfel, Alexander McQueen, Daphne Guinness, and Catherine Baba. I admire people who are tastefully over-done and not afraid of pushing the envelope. It takes such a delicate and trained eye to push the boundaries without going over.


You can meet Kelsey this Saturday, March 17 at our Pre-Parade Pop-Up. Check out our blog post here for more info and a peek at what she'll have for sale. In the meantime, give her a follow on Insta -- @marrowcreative -- and Etsy.