Fundraiser for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Posted on September 01 2017

As the destruction from Hurricane Harvey began to take its toll on Texas residents, we knew we needed to do something, anything, to help. Through all the devastation, we have decided to donate directly to a Houston family that is in critical need.

Saturday, September 2, Armoire will donate a portion of our in-store and online sales to help with one family's hardships brought on by Harvey's flooding.

Like so many, the Almaguer family (Americo, Lillie & Kyle) lost everything in the flood. At the center of their crisis is Americo and Lillie’s son, Kyle, who has a rare genetic disorder called Jeune’s syndrome that requires 24/7 medical care. Kyle relies on dialysis every 2 days and needed to stay within close proximity of Texas Children's Hospital. As the water began to enter their home, the level reached a foot within 45 minutes. They quickly tried to raise whatever belongings they could off the floor, gathered their 2 dogs and as much of Kyle’s medical equipment to escape. The family did not anticipate their house would take in water to the ceiling and that all roads to the hospital would be impassable. With just the clothes on their back, they were rescued by boat, barefoot and in pajamas. Not yet out of harm’s way, they were evacuated from another shelter as the floodwaters continued to rise. Like so many others they called emergency numbers to try to have Kyle airlifted to the hospital for treatment as his last dialysis treatment had been Saturday. Wednesday evening, thankfully, they were finally able to do so, where he and Lillie are now; Americo had to stay behind.

With the everyday struggles this family must face, we cannot imagine what they are going through now. We would truly appreciate your support and we know the Almaguers would, too.

Please help us help them. Thank you.