Valentines Day In New Orleans

Posted on February 14 2019

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." -Franklin P. Jones
     Valentine's Day has been a day to celebrate love since the end of the fifth century. Queue images of cupid, chocolates, flowers and couples. In high school, I can remember waking up on this day knowing that I would see halls full of people carrying flowers and stuffed animals. I knew that for some reason, I was supposed to be bitter because I wouldn’t have that. Luckily, I never felt this way. In today’s society it has become just as common to celebrate an Anti-Valentine's Day as it has to celebrate the actual holiday. People actually gather to celebrate their hatred for this day. Which leads me to the question, why dedicate an entire day to being bitter and angry when you could be celebrating love?
The way I see it, love is not limited to living beings. Throughout my short life, I have fallen in love with many things. Movies, books, music, foods, activities, you name it. This past year I have been lucky enough to fall in love with a new home. Living in the city of New Orleans has opened up my heart to a new environment that I fully intend to show appreciation to on this Valentine's Day. Whether it's experiencing one of the city's fine dining experiences, indulging in the sweet sounds of jazz music on the streets of the french quarter or taking in the natural beauty of the river walk and obscure houses throughout the city, New Orleans is truly a city to celebrate love. 
I asked a few of our customers how they planned to spend Valentine's Day in our lovely city. Here are their answers.
  • Going to dinner at a restaurant of my husband's choice.
  • Having a picnic and watching the sunset at the fly.
  • Netflix and chilling at home... probably with pizza.
  • Cocktails at a rooftop bar with my best friend.
  • A spa day for myself. 

I get that “Anti-Valentines Day” is a trendy way to rebel against the norm but I don’t get wasting a celebration of love for a celebration of hate. So this Valentines day I plan to put on my favorite shades of red and pink, pop some bottles with my roommate and reflect on the love I’ve been lucky enough to experience this year and I truly hope that you all can embrace this holiday in whatever way feels right.

XOXO -Alison